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Fashion Battle – Catwalk Queen is a fashionable dress-up game that closely follows the trends of girl’s fashion. You can dress up for various activities and professional events. Under your styling, your model will wear the most stylish and beautiful outfits, then shine on the fashion show, winning the fashion battle and becoming the most dazzling queen!
You can customize your fashion queen, who will become the unique spokesperson for your fashion empire. You can dress her in various outfits and accessories, playing various professions and characters.
Your queen will walk the T-stage, showcasing her fashion style to the judges and audience. The better the outfits you dress her in, the higher your score, and you can win this fashion show, becoming a true fashion queen!
But it’s not just about dressing up. You also need strategic choices when selecting outfits, considering whether the combinations of various styles match the profession, character traits, and even the weather and preferences of the judges. If you choose the right outfits, you will win this fashion showdown and become a true fashion queen!
As the game progresses, you will unlock new outfits and accessories, customizing your model to face new fashion journeys.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to dress up your model and showcase your fashion style. Download Fashion Battle – Catwalk Queen now and become a fashion queen!




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